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Reward Personalities on Merits: Benjamin Ameyaw Writes

Eastern Region Media Excellent Award: My Take

Indeed, a fellow or a group is rewarded for a distinctive role played in society. In Ghana, this is almost different in certain institutional award schemes.

Some organizers only focus on milking from nominees and their allies. Instead of honoring hardworking, and empowering winners to embark on a project.

I am not against awards schemes. But i stand for credibility and fairness. ERMEA and it allies should be made to know that the media industry can never be a galamsey grounds.

Reality check:

Text in multiples to pay for an award- Asking nominees to solicit votes by text from the public, call on curious minds to question whether the awards are for sale or hardworking? Because a nominee or his ally with a lot of cash can do multiple voting to the disadvantage of the hardworking nominee who is making impact in society.

Role ambiguity- Jack of all trades, master of non has been the issue here. The leader has to designate well qualify individuals to perform specialized functions. The deficiency in communication and publicity are issues you have to address. Who constitute the board? Who constitute management?

Post awards activities- Seek expertise advice. Being on hibernation the whole year until awards schedule is due is not good practice.

Accountability- Provided, ERMEA is registered under the company’s act, it owes the stakeholders and the public the obligation to be transparent in all dealings, including revenue and expenses. Devoid of conflict of interest.


Source: GbcSunriseFmOnline

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