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Film making is not Respected by Ghanaians – Lydia Forson

After years of criticism from Ghanaians about films produced in the country, actress, Lydia Forson has finally responded by saying the “dying” and low patronage of Ghanaian films now can simply be attributed to the fact that ‘people do not respect film making’.

According to the outspoken actress “it’s not up to just us, we have the actors guild, there are several guilds, there is an assumption that we don’t do anything creative but it is hard; when we say Government should help, there is always a misconception that government should say come take this money and do this, the truth is people do not respect film making in Ghana”.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with AJ Sarpong on “Hall of Fame” on Citi TV, the “Keteke” actress said companies call film makers to be their brand ambassadors and to do them other favours but refuse pay them for their services.

She noted “a lot of the blame falls on us but I am not completely washing our hands off, we have to work at it but is frustrating when you are sitting with politicians, CEO’s and they don’t respect what you do until they need something”.

Lydia Forson registered her dissatisfaction, bemoaning how demeaning it is when film makers strive to produce movies but Ghanaians refuse to go to the cinemas to watch it.

Commenting again on Gabby Otchere Darko’s recent critique of Ghana’s movie industry Lydia Forson, blasted the leading member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) saying his argument was unqualified.

“I don’t want to completely dismiss Gabby’s comments on the industry but it is how unqualified his statement was and the assumptions that it is as easy fixing the industry like electricity in Ghana”. Lydia Forson added.

Gabby on Facebook lately expressed his disappointment at some Ghanaian movies, asking the public to help make the creative arts part of the development agenda. According to him, after watching 10 Ghanaian movies he was appalled by the quality.

Some creatives including actress Lydia Forson, Adjetey Annang, Yvonne Nelson replied Gabby’s post, suggesting that Gabby’s judgement on creative arts was disappointing.

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