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Pabs Official’s commitment to continuous learning and growth reflects his yielding pursuit of excellence.

Emerging Kwahu rapper, Emmanuel Ofori Sasu, better known as Pabs Official, has boldly proclaimed himself as the premier artiste in the Kwahu region. In an exclusive interview with Agoo Showbiz host Kobby Cutie, the artiste confidently asserted that his work speaks for itself, positioning him as a frontrunner in the local music scene.

Pabs Official has left an indelible mark on Kwahu’s music landscape, presenting himself as a trailblazer in several aspects. He proudly claims the distinction of being the first circular artiste in Kwahu to release both an album and an EP, underlining his innovative approach to his craft. Additionally, Pabs Official highlighted his uniqueness by being the solitary rapper to orchestrate a pre-album listening session, showcasing his dedication to engaging with his audience.

During the interview, the artiste maintained his stance, stating, “I’m number one… sure! I’m the first artiste to do an album in Kwahu, first artiste to do an EP, first artiste to organise my own show… if someone has done the same, he can come out… because I learn. I love to read. If I don’t know something, I mostly get close to people and learn from them.”

Pabs Official’s commitment to continuous learning and growth reflects his unyielding pursuit of excellence.

Reflecting on his musical journey, Pabs Official recounted the genesis of his passion, tracing it back to his junior high school years.

“Doing music started when I was in Junior High School. I could rap all Sarkodie’s songs, so my mates tagged me Junior Sark. Sarkodie is my mentor, so I memorised all his tracks. I did raps even through Senior High School when we ‘refixed’ songs by known artistes,” he shared.

While the Kwahu music scene has seen notable gospel artistes like Mark Whyte, Kwaku Brempong (with two albums to his credit), and Yaw Dwomfour, Pabs Official’s emergence on the scene has undoubtedly added a fresh dynamic to the region’s artistic landscape.

In tandem with his declaration of supremacy, Pabs Official is actively promoting his latest single, ‘Bestie,’ available on all major streaming platforms. Looking ahead, the rapper has set an audacious goal for himself – to fill the renowned O2 Arena within three years, a feat that would further solidify his status not just in Kwahu, but on a global stage.

As Pabs Official continues to make waves with his unique contributions to the music industry, his determination, innovation, and hunger for growth set him apart as a force to be reckoned with. Kwahu’s musical narrative is undoubtedly being reshaped by this rising star, leaving fans and critics alike eager to witness his journey unfold.

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