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Newlove @50 – Celebrates His Birthday With Music Concert And Book Launch Dubbed ‘Celebrating God’s Goodness.’

Newlove Kojo Anan

To live a day old is considered as one of the greatest achievements in life; to live years old in life, is glorious and seen as a sign of the goodness and the blessings of God.

Music Marshal and Maestro, Newlove Kojo Anan, popularly known for his numerous choral compositions in Ghana and abroad turns 50 on Sunday 20th March, 2022.

As part of his birthday celebration, the sensational musician who is projecting Ghana globally, organizes a 3-day music concert and book launch, which starts from Friday 18th March to Sunday 20th March, 2022.

The concert features other renowned musicians such as Dr. Addaquay, Prof. J. Y. Sekyi-Baidoo and Mr. James Armaah.

Dr. Kwadwo Boateng Gyamfi chairs Friday’s Young Composers’ Concert and will feature numerous young choral enthusiasts.


1. Visit to the hospitals and prisons

2. Young Composers’/Singers’ Introduction Concert

3. Grand Chorale Concert and Book Launch.

Program outline

Allegedly, Mr. Anan is the only black African who has one of his compositions in the American hymnal.

Newlove Annan is an lecturer, choral director and a prolific composer of choral music from Ghana. He currently heads the Greater Accra Mass Choir and works as the director of the Institute of Church Music- Ghana.

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