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Support Kwahu Talent: Discy Plead For Local Support

Support Kwahu Talent: Discy’s Plea on Obuoba Entertainment Show with Levels Man

In the heart of Kwahu, Dramani Discy delivered a resonant message on Obuoba 91.7 FM’s “Obuoba Entertainment Show,” hosted by Levels Man. His words carry a simple yet powerful call to action: “The people of Kwahu and those who live here, let’s support Kwahu artistry. Kwahuman, our own, let’s help make them great.”

Discy’s plea echoes through the airwaves, urging unity and local pride. Kwahuman, translating to the Kwahu Kingdom, is more than a term; it embodies the artistic spirit of this Ghanaian community.

Levels Man, the familiar voice on the show, serves as a conduit for this community conversation. “Support our local talent,” Discy urges, whether you’re in Kwahu or its environs. The show on Obuoba 91.7 FM is the local heartbeat, making Discy’s call a communal movement.

Dramani Discy Osiahene

In Discy’s own words, “They are our own; let’s help to make them great.” This isn’t just about attending events; it’s a shared responsibility. Levels Man becomes the bridge, translating Discy’s plea into a language that resonates with every Kwahu resident.

The choice of Obuoba 91.7 FM isn’t incidental. It’s the local wave, amplifying Discy’s call within the community. His words on air aren’t just rhetoric; they are an invitation to action.

So, let’s heed Discy’s words: “Support Kwahu artistry.” Attend local events, share Kwahu content, and be part of the movement that elevates Kwahu talent. This isn’t just about making artists great; it’s about making Kwahu proud. Discy’s plea, shared on the Obuoba Entertainment Show, is a collective effort to celebrate, uplift, and shine a spotlight on the unique artistic voices that define Kwahu.

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