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Sista Afia explains why she fought Freda Rhymz at TV3

Sista Afia has explained that the altercation between her and Freda Rhymz ensued because her fellow rapper insulted her when she offered to speak with her one-on-one.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz on Saturday evening, she disclosed that Freda called her “abrewa”, literally meaning an “old lady.” That, she indicated, got her infuriated.

She denied she confronted Freda because of their ongoing rap battle even though she said she has issues with her alleging in her song that she (Sista Afia) had sex with Shatta Wale, Medikal and Bisa Kdei.

A week ago, a viral video captured Sista Afia and Freda having a go at each other in an attempt to fight at TV3’s premises.

The two ladies traded insults with each other and were about to fight, but it took the timely intervention of the people around them to separate them.

Sista Afia could be heard saying, “Say it in my face, say it in my”, indicating her displeasure with some of the ‘punches’ Freda threw at her in their rap battle.

Many people had thought the altercation ensued as a result of their rap battle.

Both ladies met on UTV on Saturday for the first time after their altercation at TV3. Again, tempers flared up as each of them tried to defend themselves on the show.

Freda Rhymz nearly walked off the set after Sista Afia said she would attack her again for peddling lies about her.

“”I got mad when she releases her ‘Point of Correction’ song because she mentioned that I was sleeping with people. If it’s for fun there is a way you go about it but you mentioned my name,” Afia stated.

“Freda started it (fight). So I was entering TV3’s premises …When I told my manager I need to speak to Freda as the friend that she used to be with me. And my manager was like no we are not late so let’s go inside right now. She was just like a few metres away from me. She was not that far so anything that she said I could hear. To me she was like, they should allow the old lady to come. And it triggered me. So I wanted her to say that in my face. Like she should look me in the eye and say that to me that they should allow the old lady. That was it,” she narrated how the fight started.

And in a response on UTV, Freda questioned Sista Afia if she is not an “old lady” ? confirming she, indeed, passed that comment.

After back-and-forth arguments on the show, Sista Afia decided to apologize for the altercation. According to her, she “is sorry” and would not on any grounds hit Freda because she is not that type of person. Many had thought Freda would’ve also apologized for her actions, but she didn’t; leaving many to think she is not mature.

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