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People Do Not Invest In Us Because Of How Eastern Bloggers & Social Media Influencers Paints Us To Them ~ Breden B laments

Eastern Region artiste with the stage name Breden B has fired a shot at Eastern Region Bloggers and social media influencers who always channel their stories and blogs on social media to downplay the hard work of the eastern artistes.

According to the hiplife artiste, Eastern region music fraternity is big and the artistes are talented but most media men has taking to themselves not to promote nor support them but to pull them down with their negative comments and posts on social media.

Expressing his disatisfaction, he alarmed that,  very soon, they (the artistes) will be chasing these kind of bloggers and will be punching them at their faces because they have served the devil’s advocate and making the artistes hardwork worthless in the sight of men.

Many are those bloggers who will always write negative stories about Eastern Region artistes and paint them worthless among stakeholders who might have invest in their career. Some even go to the extend of making posts on facebook just to tarnish and insult the artiste. This is very bad and very soon we will locate them and beat them up. They are our obstacles and we will not spare them. ~ Breden B told Eagle Eye Media.


The “Adwoa Fowaa” hitmaker also outlined his concern about Eastern Music as a whole saying that, eastern artistes has to brand themselves very well and to acquire enough fans to build a strong fanbase in supporting their career. According to him,  Music in Ghana goes beyond talent but of strong fanbase. Taking Shatta Wale as a case study, he uttered that, Without SHATTA MOVEMENT, Shatta Wale is nothing, since he has gotten strong fans following him,  he always ride on them to be in the trends anytime he releases a song. Sometimes his songs are wack but his fans makes it a hit.

Eastern Artistes has to strategies their way of life and brand themselves very well in order to secure a strong fanbase to hold them up to the limelight. Its so pathetic that, you will see an artiste dressed anyhow and walking in the streets, meanwhile he/she needs people to get close and follow him. How do you expect someone to be your follower if you cant brand yourself and put on something attractive? Wearing “Charlie wate” and faded clothes in the streets degrades your brand and makes you loose followers. ~Breden B schooled fellow artistes. 


On his part as a musician,  he sees it to be of no reason to be a valid registered member of MUSIGA because he has not yet seen anyone benefiting from the Association. He said this when he was asked whether he is a valid member of Musiga.

I dont see the need for me to register under MUSIGA. I have not witnessed anyone bemefiting from the association and on a serious note, the way they brand themselves makes it unattractive to join. Though Blaq Syrub sent me some files cobtaining details of the association, I looked through and I think they need to be upgraded before I be convinced to join. ~Breden B revealed. 

Breden B has assured his fans to keep the wait as he put things together and give them something good to enjoy. He revealed that, despite him being in hibernation, his Canadian based management just released one of his tracks in Canada and its doing very well.

According to him, he is preparing himself very well before he comes out with a new track because he released great songs last year and early this year but the people did not patronised it and he sees it to be a system to which one has to be well prepared both mentally and financially before he/she could break through with his songs, hence his long wait.

Breden B has been on the Eastern Music frontline with hits songs like “Real Friends”, “Bad People”, “Adwoa Fowaa”, “Wode Kume” etc…..

Source: Eagleyemediagh

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