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Martinson Ampadu wins big at 2023 Walikota Bodybuilding Championship in Indonesia

Martinson Ampadu wins big at 2023 Walikota Bodybuilding Championship in Indonesia

Martinson Ampadu, a Ghanaian bodybuilder widely known as the “Rock of Africa,” has achieved a remarkable victory at the 2023 Bodybuilding Championship in Indonesia.

Outshining over 45 competitors from across the globe, this acclaimed bodybuilder triumphed and secured the gold medal in one of Asia’s most prestigious bodybuilding competitions.

Appreciative of the support he received during his journey to the championship, Ampadu, also recognized as a musician, expressed his joy upon winning the title.

“The competition was fierce, but my sole purpose in coming here was to emerge victorious. I am elated to have accomplished that goal, and I extend my gratitude to all my fans who provided me with moral and financial support to be here.”

Eager to continue bringing glory to Ghana in future contests, Ampadu aspires to accumulate more medals and remains committed to relentless hard work to reach the pinnacle of his career.

Van Calebs, the manager of this remarkable bodybuilding talent, emphasized that Ampadu deserved every accolade for his success despite facing formidable competition.

Expressing gratitude towards Ghana’s bodybuilding and fitness association for their support, Calebs urged additional corporate organizations to join and endorse the sport of bodybuilding and its exceptional talents.

Ampadu, known as “The Rock of Africa,” has competed in renowned events worldwide, including securing second place in the men’s physique category at the recent International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB) West African Championship held in Accra.

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