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“Letter to the Eastern Creatives” ~ Caring Diggy writes

Award Winning Music Promoter and Blogger De~Graft Nana Caring Ayisah best known by Showbiz identity Caring Diggy has written to creatives, and artiste especially from the Eastern Region.

The Entertainment Analysts known for his passionate concern for the Eastern Entertain Industry has taken time to draft some key facts which musicians should consider in the music journey. He took it to his facebook blog to share his wonderful opinion filled with ideas and advices for entertainers especially musicians from the region.

Below were the words of the 2021 EMa awards winner..
He wrote;

To my eastside artiste/musicians, creatives.

This year, don’t be too silent on your craft, don’t feel too Comfortable in the region, Connect outside the region, hit the right studios where you will meet different artiste, do the right collaboration and features. Connect with different plugs who add value to your product..

Don’t be too respectful, don’t be too disrespectful, fuel better controversys around your craft, create reasonable news and trends to be talked about across Entertainment platforms in and outside the region, and more importantly use them to promote your song/product! Don’t go to interviews just because you’ve release a song, also don’t go for interviews if your have nothing to say, stop the 1 week packed interviews inside the region for promotion and after stay in your shells.

Don’t go to interviews without contacting a writer or blogger to makes news and publish for you. Don’t do the same old things you did last year. Let your social media handles be active, even when you are not releasing songs get your social media platforms active with beneficial content to your craft. Don’t just send song to dj’s, presenters and bloggers via WhatsApp/mails without doing the needful.

In our current space social media the likes of Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp status promote songs even faster concentrate on these spaces. Contact knowledgeable personnel to educate you on these!!

Build your team to steer your affairs, let your faces be scarces, but available! These and many more could help us reach our aimed heights.!

Putting Value On YOUR Brand, Consistency, Determination will catalyse us to the promise land.. The East Is Capable!
TOGETHER WE CAN!! #bigxposure #xposurevibes #AppriseMusic #DiggyWords”

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Nana Quame Hi5
Nana Quame Hi5
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